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Collect Dozens of Heroes, Adventure through Fantastic Worlds & Topple the Darkness that Threatens the Realm! Forged Fantasy is a mobile stage-based action RPG with rail shooter elements. Players progress through a linear campaign, clearing enemies and bosses with 5-player teams. Combat is similar to Hero Hunters, with heroes automatically moving across the stage, and players aiming, shooting, dodging, and using their abilities.

With Forged Fantasy players can switch between the heroes on the team freely by simply tapping on their icon. There are 27+ unlockable heroes, each with unique abilities and elements, such as an archer who shoots fire arrows, and a druid who shoots nature magic. Elements are handled in a typical rock-paper-scissors way, with water beating fire, fire beating nature, and nature beating water. Raids are unlocked after getting far enough in the campaign, which are available in easy, medium, and hard difficulties, with both solo and two-player co-op supported.

Key features in games Forged Fantasy

  • Incredible story-based RPG experience.
  • Switch Heroes on the fly during real-time battles.
  • Take charge and control the battle or play Auto-mode and employ tactics.
  • Participate in Daily Events, Co-op Raids and Gauntlet Mode.
  • Play through vast unique Realms and HUNDREDS of missions in CAMPAIGN MODE.

Why should you download games Forged Fantasy?

  • Collect Dozens of exclusive heroes, each with their own legendary weapons and special abilities.
  • Join an Alliance and team up for Co-op Boss Raids and Events.
  • Craft the best combination of Heroes and enter a Realm to battle
  • Win rewards after each final battle, level up your heroes and upgrade your abilities.
  • Play with friends and compete world-wide in real-time PvP battles.

Forged Fantasy is a game that demands you pop in regularly. From unlocking daily awards to working your way through the various challenges, you'll dive into the game for half an hour and upgrade your heroes, unlock some new levels, and earn a whole bunch of gold.

What are you waiting for without immediately downloading Forged Fantasy games and playing them for free on the phone. We provide free apps and games for phones and tablets, users can download and use it for free.

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